We build our campaigns on a thoroughly conceived strategy, which is why we have long-lasting partnerships with our clients

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Communication strategy

Together with our clients we create thoroughly conceived long-term plans that connect our client’s marketing with our media and communication strategy. These are, of course, synergised with TV campaigns.

Brand building campaigns

Brand building campaigns are governed by individual strategies, too. We always aim to effectively hit the public with just the right frequency and visibility.

Customer relationship campaigns

We devise communication strategies that build on emotions, authenticity, and a story. We are inspired by our client’s customers and create a solid long-term relationship with them. We support brand trust and perception by choosing the right content.

Performance based campaigns

We think that there are obvious rules to moneymaking: constant growth, sustainability, and discipline. And we make our clients a lot of money.

Photo and video production

Since every brand is unique, just like every strategy, communication is best with authentic photo and video material that we create to fit every individual client and their campaign.

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Our clients do not want us to save their expenses. They want us to make money. And that requires investment and trust.
Jakub Hořák
Head of Strategy
Customer loyalty ends where the presence of your brand is missing.
Dominika Dušková
Social Media Specialist & Copywriter