On a market which is constantly falling due to a low unemployment rate, it is ever harder to make manual workers look for a new job, much less online. The target group saw this way as too complicated. They believed that it would be easier to go ask directly at a company or just ask around.


The aim of this multimedia campaign (TV, online, radio) was above all to boost the credibility of the website (“work”.cz) as the most effective source of job openings, mainly for blue-collar workers. That is why we made use of the concept of a “personal reference,” a kind of peer-to-peer advice which helps the target group believe the message and adopt the brand: a testimonial from somebody who has found a better job.

The second wave of the campaign was aided by what is called a “reason to believe” which maintained that 3,000 people find a new job on every day.

How we did it

"Work" .cz - Operator TV commercial
"Work" .cz - Warehouseman TV commercial
"Work" .cz - Accountant TV commercial


The communication concept which you designed, paired with your creative attitude towards media planning, has proved to work very efficiently. Regular brand tracking, post campaign testing and interviews all show the target group’s positive response to our communication. In media space we most appreciate the principle of short intense waves with the deployment of spots in tandem, which highly influences the hit rate. This is another good reason why there has been a constant rise in the spontaneous brand recognition of throughout our partnership.

Since man does not live by brand awareness alone, we put an emphasis on business results, too. And that is when we accomplished, mostly with the last campaign, a daring feat. Running the campaign meant that response rate, which due to a falling market (extremely low unemployment rate) was down 16% long-term below last year’s average, shot back up by 14%, which is a success beyond our wildest expectations. What is most interesting is that it was the first campaign for after which the response rate did not fall back down to the original numbers, but kept at virtually the same level that was reached during the campaign.