When choosing the right job, more importance is now being given to “soft” data, e.g. supervisor-subordinate relationships, the workplace, or the overall atmosphere at work. That is why the company LMC decided last autumn to launch—a new platform where employees evaluate their companies. The aim of the first two campaigns was to increase brand recognition, which had been practically non-existent, and, first and foremost, to get employees to submit their reviews; in other words to fill the web with “content.”


We addressed the issue with a time-tested TV + online media mix and shortly followed it by direct emails. A simple yet powerful creative TV campaign launched with a 30 sec. TV spot on Christmas. In March we turned it into a series of brief and pointed sponsor messages combined in 10 + 5 sec. to hit the target audience even more, and then promptly stirred the success of the first wave towards building trust—70,000 reviews of 17,000 companies proved a strong “reason to believe.”

How we did it TV commercial


It only took two campaigns (December 2018, March 2019) to grow spontaneous brand awareness from practically nowhere to 10%, and prompted awareness to 21%. But most importantly, both campaigns surpassed their goals in response numbers. The first wave saw numbers increase by 12,000 and the second wave boosted them by more than 16,000. Due to the long-term effect, the total number of reviews is now nearing 100,000. is showing great potential to sooner or later become platform No. 1 for job search—our next strategic goal.