To sell more of our potato crisps we need to be on the shelves of major retail chains. But they don’t really want us all that much, we’re not a big enough brand for them.


We need to stand out among all well-known brands of crisps and we must use TV as mass media. We shall embrace the Strážnice region, its renowned folklore, and most importantly, “not your ordinary crisps”.

How we did it

Strážnické brambůrky crisps advertising spot


Thank you for convincing us to use TV sponsoring your way, which not only addressed customers but which, in the eyes of purchasing managers, also elevated us from mere suppliers to equal partners. Your TV commercial even helped us to get into retail chains where we had never been before. We really appreciate your creative take on the commercial spot, which really made us stand out on TV. We see the use of Moravian folk music as an original expression of the core of our brand.